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Crime Time Nerds

Nov 29, 2021

Welcome Nerdlings to our very first CTN Breakdown.  It's the place where Ash and I dissect the case we previously covered and dive in deep discussing theories and our case thoughts.  Last week we covered the still Unsolved New Bedford Highway Serial killer and this week we're driving along I-95 to chat together about...

Nov 21, 2021

Today we discuss the still unsolved case of a rash of serial killings that struck New Bedford Massachusetts in the 1980's.  A serial killer drove the highways of I-95 murdering 11 women of the course of a few months.  It's possible that killer is still driving the highways to this day, looking for their next victim,...

Nov 15, 2021

Hello Nerdlings!  We decided it was long overdue for us to have an episode dedicated to discussing some of the cases that impacted us the most over the last couple of seasons of the show.  We also give thanks to the many folks who have been there for us along the way and have shared their stories with us.  



Nov 7, 2021

Welcome Nerdlings!  On Today's episode Ash regals us with a quick discussion about the gruesome but necessary functions of a Body Farm.  We learn a little bit more about how Body Farms aid investigators in better understanding decomposition of the human body.