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Crime Time Nerds

Oct 27, 2021

Hey Nerdlings!  We've got a little season 3 updates episode to share with you all today.  We're officially kicking off Season 3's premier this week!  Ash is out of town so our good buddy Jason Futch from the podcast From the Vault was kind enough to hang out with me and share some updates on an event being held for the Finley Creek Jane Doe - Donation Link Below, as well as to chat about some upcoming series work he's been doing.  We also share some sweet milestones we're celebrating in season 3!

Donate to attend "A Night with Finley Creek Jane Doe" facilitated by Ash and I and discussion with the Finley Creek Task Force

Cash App: search $FCJaneDoe or Suzanne Timms
From the Vault Podcast 
Facebook Page for FCTF: