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Crime Time Nerds

Mar 31, 2022

Welcome nerdlings to the CTN Breakdown of the Opelika Jane Doe.  Joining us today are special guests Jason Futch and Alexis Meniefield two advocates for the case of Opelika Jane Doe.  They joined us to break down baby girl doe's case and took time to answer all our questions regarding this little girl's case.  Thanks...

Mar 21, 2022

Hey there nerdlings welcome to this ctn breakdown that will focus on Delta Dawn.  We will cover the Opelika Jane Doe case next week with some special guests.  Thanks for listening!



Mar 14, 2022

Welcome nerdlings to another installment of CTN!  Today Ash and Nat discuss two cases of baby jane does, one that has recently been partially solved and one that is still ongoing.  Join us as we discuss the cases of Delta Dawn & the Opelika Jane Doe Citations: Citations: